My name’s Muhammed Bedük. I graudated from Arabic Language and literature in 1999. From the year, I’ve been working at Tourism Sector. I prefer to work in the section of guiding and translating at Tourism, because of love of these sections.

Why should you stroll with a professional tourist guide ?

Everone has a expert job doing. We are educated well to introduce our country perfectly. We are care about guiding all directions of our country to the guests choosing us.
Let’s make a comparison together. İmagination two meals cooked in differents types. One is prepared no salt, no oil, no spices. Another one is prepared having all. You can stop your hungry with two types, but their delicious never become same. Due to this example, guiding to tourist is the of Professional Tourist Guide. So, if you prefer Professional Tourist Guides, you never waste your time and live history in triping places.

The permision language on my licenced card is Arabic and English. I also guide in Turkish to the people living in the foreign country far from mother country or the people living in the country speaking Turkish language.

I serve various groups such as groups of Primary School students , University students , Academicals and personal tours between 1-50 changing persons.

There are many differences between Looking and Seeing.
A Professional Tourist Guide makes you feeling your knowledge.

My certificates;

  • Certificate of Specialist for İstanbul- 2008 / İstanbul- 2010 Europan Capital of Culture.
  • Professional Tour Guide Licence – 2007 From Ministry of Culturel and Tourism (Arabic – English)
  • Certificate of Tourism Enformation for Civil servant in Tourism Departments Arabic-English-2002 Association of Turkish Travel Agencies – TÜRSAB
  • The Arabic language and its literaure – 1999 Faculty of Literature and Science, Selçuk University , Konya.


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